Tech Neck SOS – Ultraformer III as seen in Clinical Aesthetics

No sooner do we find comprehensive solutions to address the telltale signs of ageing such as facial sagging and wrinkles and Turkey Neck, we find whole new ways to look older at younger ages than ever before. By Jenni Gilbert.

Looking down at a smartphone an average 150 times a day and other screen-related postures and expressions adopted when gazing at other e-devices for hours a day are causing conditions that dermatologists have coined Tech Neck and Phone Face, a new form of premature ageing of the features and skin.

In its Beauty Futures Report, leading UK trend forecaster The Future Laboratory has identified some insidious new trends that are ageing our appearances at a faster rate than ever – but at the same time are creating lucrative new opportunities for medi-aesthetics practitioners.

“The problem of wrinkles and sagging of the jowls….

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