See Below the Skin’s Surface

Benefits and Features Seen by Vision Enhancement System Customers

  • Hands-Free Device
  • Enhanced vision of dermal inspection procedures
  • Visualization 1mm below the skin’s surface
  • Reduced reflective glare from the skin
  • Increased accuracy and reduced procedure times
  • Reduced exam times
  • Reduced recovery times for patients
  • Changeable magnification


Introducing the NEW v900L

  • Polarized LED
  • Mobile – Battery Operated
  • Lightweight comfortable Design
  • Flexible – Adjustable
  • Hands-Free – Cool Operation
  • Unprecedented Performance
  • Breakthrough Lux Uniformity


  • Vascular Laser Treatments
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Thermo-coagulation Devices
  • Hair-removal / Grafting / Transplantation
  • General Skin Exams and Procedures
  • Botox or Filler Treatments

We use our Vison Enhancement System regularly for visualizing vascular lesions. It is a great asset in many cutaneous laser and light procedures.

Jeffrey S. Dove

MD, FRCPS, SkinCare Physcians, Chestnut Hill, MA

Comparison Chart

v900L v300
Light Engine LED Halogen
Source of power Lithium ion battery AC
Battery 4 hr initial run time No battery option
Illumination Area 4 inches 6-8 inches
Optics Colluminated beam angle Diffuse
Magnification #3 Diopter shield standard #4 & #5 Diopter shield options #3 Diopter lens standard #4 & #5 Diopter lens options
Working Distance 14 inches with #3 diopter 10 inches with #4, 8 inches with #5 diopter 14 inches with #3 diopter 10 inches with #4, 8 inches with #5 diopter
eadgear Easily adjustable knobs top and back Adjustable knob in back
Carrying Case Included Included
Laser Use Recommended for laser use Can be used with lasers

Syris v300 and v900L Technical Specifications

By separating the components of reflectance, the Syris products allow enhanced viewing into the skin, and of the skin surface. By using a polarized illuminating light combined with polarized viewing, the Syris products easily separates the two components of skin reflectance. With source and viewing polarizers crossed, the specular component is blocked, producing a greatly enhanced view below the skin surface. When the source and viewing polarizers are parallel, surface features such as textures, scale and wrinkles are enhanced.

Before and After


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