Extreme power. Prime results. Highest safety.

The Primelase HR platform is designed to work with three different wavelengths (755nm, 810nm,1060nm), being able to adapt hair removal treatments to the needs of all kinds of patients during each season of the year.  It can work with all skin types and with all kinds of hair, with maximum effectiveness guaranteed.

USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology

Primelase HR works using exclusive USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology, which enables the delivery of ultra short pulses (3,5 and 10 ms) with high fluency in large spots thanks to its high peak power being the first diode laser with characteristics of SSL (Solid State Laser).

The USP technology is designed to combine the advantages of solid-state lasers with diode lasers, enabling work to be done with a high peak power (Up to 4,800W) delivering the energy in ultra short pulses (3, 5 and 10ms).

Maximum Speed

The n the repetition of the pulses is up to 3Hz when static and 10HZ when dynamic. Combined with the different provided spot sizes (10×9,20×9,30×9 and 30×17), Primelase HR is one of the fastest, most powerful and most efficent devices on the market.

New diode laser generation 755nm

The Primelase HR platform was developed based on the latest advances in aesthetic medicine with the aim of providing greater versatility and precision in treatments. The combination of its three wavelengths means that all kinds of patients can be treated without limitation of phototype, hair type or time of year with the maximum effectiveness and security.

755nm: Recommended for treating pale skins (phototypes I-III) with fine hair. Indicated for removing the residual hair of the last sessions. Its high peak power makes it one of the most powerful lasers on the market with this wavelength. Up to 3600W.

810nm: Recommended for treating all skin phototypes, particularly patients with a great density of hair and first sessions. Its high peak power (Up to 4,800W) and the USP technology create a unique combination on the market achieving excellent results with large spot sizes (30x17mm). Up to 4800W.

1060nm:  Recommended for treating dark phototypes (III-IV tanned, V and VI). It’s work mode is exclusively designed for this wavelength  for maximum safety and efficacy.  Up to 4000W.

How does Primelase work? 

Primelase HR is characterised by being the only diode laser platform that makes a combination between SSL (Solid State Laser0 and diode lasers.  It has two work modes, enabling the device to be tailored to suit the individual needs of the patient.

Static mode

By working at 1, 2 and 3 Hz with high fluencies and ultra short pulses, the speed of the treatment is not reduced and any risk of skin lesions is avoided. This work mode is indicated for fine hair and residual hair at final sessions and for pale phototypes.

Dynamic mode

It works at a speed of 10Hz even at high fluencies. Indicated for initial sessions with very dense hair, patients with a low pain threshold and darker phototypes.

Spot variety: maximum precision and maximum power Crystal freeze

Thanks to the USP technology, primelase HR can work with different spot sizes obtaining the best results and adapting to all types of areas and patient characteristics.

Perfect pulse delivery

The primelase HR platform works with a square pulse system which allows a perfect pulse to be delivered. This guarantees the delivery of energy in each millisecond of the pulse duration obtaining a regular warming of the hair, avoiding any possibility of secondary risks and helping to achieve the best results

Crystal freeze

This unique system carries out an ongoing measuring process of the input and output of the coolant flow of the liquid of the cooling of the laser head.  Therefore, “crystal freeze” guarantees a constant temperature of 5 °C at the tip of the handpiece, independently of the hours it has been used and the temperature of the room, allowing it to work with high power and big spot sizes guaranteeing the safety of the treatment.

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  • Ultra fast hair removal
  • Hair removal
  • All skin types 1 – 6


How long do sessions take?

It takes 5~30 minutes depending on the treatment area.

How often do I need to do laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is typically done as a series of 4-6 treatments at 4-6 weeks intervals.



Irradiation Type: Diode laser hair removal device
Wavelength: 755nm,810nm,1060nm
Maximum Energy: 300J
Maximum Peak Power: 10,000W
Pulse Duration: 3MS-400ms
Repetition Rate:  1-10Hz
Spot Size:  30×9, 30×17, 10×9, 11×9


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