Doublo & Doublo S


2nd Generation HIFU, DOUBLO resulting from ongoing mechanical innovation and refinement and clinical experience.


  • Decrease damage on the surrounding tissues
  • Generate more accurate coagulation
  • Lower consumables cost thanks to more durable transducer

128 CH. High Resolution Image Probe, The 128 CH. image probe, not conventional 16 CH. provides:

  • Precise and real-time image before and during the treatment
  • Diverse applications and analysis with a high performance software
  • Quality treatment with a high resolution imaging system

Doublo Control Systems The control system consists of two parts:

  • Upper panel image control system
  • Lower panel HIFU control system, Allows control of the two monitors simultaneously

User-Friendly interface:

  • Ability to manage all of the parameters on the one screen


Optimized 3 Cartridges
 Utilize optimized cartridges up to treated areas:



  M7 D4 D7
Frequency 7.0 MHz 4.0 MHz 7.0 MHz
Treatment Depth 3.0 mm 4.5 mm 4.5 mm



  • Skin tightening and rejuvenation
  • Non-Invasive face lifting
  • Eyebrow lifting


How does Doublo work?

Doublo uses precise, micro-focused ultrasound waves, then focus heat on the correct soft tissue layers. By focusing on these layers of tissue, the body’s regenerative response is to restore toned and tight appearance to the skin.

Having the ultrasound waves concentrated on soft tissues of the neck, chin, and face, new collagen grows over time, providing you with a younger appearance minus the invasiveness a surgical procedure involves. It is particularly intended for those hard to treat parts of the neck and face that are trickier to lift when using traditional methods.

How are the clinical results?

Clinical evaluation has shown that after the first treatment there can be a noticeable amount of tissue lift over the next three to six months with the patient experiencing no downtime or major recovery. Patients having Doublo saw eyebrow lifts up to 6 mm. This gives the entire face a more youthful look, and will seem like you’ve had a good night’s sleep, erasing that “tired look.”

What are the benefits of Doublo?

The advantages of Doublo treatments are for smoothing and tightening neck and facial skin. Great benefits of Doublo include:

  • Less downtime and pain than when a patient has a full facelift surgical procedure.
  • Doublo can be performed in two hours or less.
  • Simple non-invasive way for toning loose skin.
  • Patients are able to tolerate the treatment well with minimal discomfort.
  • Doublo is less costly than traditional facelift surgery.
  • Foreign substances are not used.
  • It is non-invasive. There are not any surgical incisions.
  • Short term boosts give a more natural look.
  • As collagen will build over time, a more elastic skin will be created.
How long will effects of treatment last?

You’ll have noticeable changes with your first Doublo treatment. Doublo will last anywhere between one and three years. The average time frame is one and a half years. The results are permanent, but the treated area will continue to age. Many patients will choose to have additional treatments in the future or to have other areas treated. Some patients have even better long-term results, with results seen over six months. The length of time your lift will be visible depends on many factors such as stress, environmental issues, and the care you give to your face and neck.

What is the eyebrow lift?

Eyebrows that droop over the eyelids are one of the most common ways of making the face appear older. When the eyebrows are lifted, the face looks less tired and refreshed. Family and friends will not question this natural look. For no downtime and a non-invasive treatment, this is remarkable.

Patients are happy with the natural appearance the Doublo treatment gives without an operated or over pulled look. When discussing their options with our Doctor patients are pleased to find they can have a customized treatment with Doublo. After the Doublo treatment, patients are amazed at how they look and feel, friends will comment on how refreshed they look and will envy their youthful appearance.

Are there any risks?

Doublo has less risk related to it than surgical procedures, there is much less discomfort and recovery time. The procedure can be completed in an hour and a half. There isn’t any invasiveness to the face with a foreign material. Doublo is a practical choice for patients who can’t afford downtime from surgery or who are looking for a non-invasive alternative.

  • Skin redness just after the treatment (typically lasting for a few hours post-procedure).
  • Mild bruising and swelling may appear for several days post-procedure. The skin may feel slightly numb for a limited time (days to weeks).
  • A tingling sensation may be experienced for a few days.


Energy type: HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasonic)
Fluence: 0.2~2.0 J/㎠ (0.1 Step)
Cartridge: D4 4.0MHz, 4.5mmM7 7.0MHz, 3.0mmD7 7.0MHz, 4.5mm
Spacing: 0.5~10mm
Length: 5.0~25mm (1.0 Step)
Electrical Requirements: AC 240V, 60Hz
Weight: Main Body- 25kg or 16kg
Dimensions: 400 x 455 x 460 (W x D x H)


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