Chilled air delivery system that supercools the skin and takes the sting out of treatments.

Less pain equals more satisfied patients and more return patients. Cryo-Jet delivers high performance cryogenically chilled air, Its unique slim line design is perfect for smaller treatment rooms and the easy-to-read front facing digital readout allows practitioners to easily monitor the air flow delivery at a glance. Patients will be grateful for the soothing effects from the constant delivery of chilled air, during and after procedures.

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Application in assistance with

  • Laser hair removal by Alexandrite, Diode, Nd:YAG & IPL
  • IPL systens
  • Vascular lasers
  • Fractional resurfacing lasers
  • Q-Switched lasers
  • Thermal procedures for skin tightening and rejuvenation
  • Tattoo removal


Multiclinic group standardises their patient comfort with Cryo-Jet

This Australia-wide group has even more clinics in the pipeline. In an increasingly competitive market, patient comfort is paramount. All of their sites have a consistent patient experience and each clinic has at least one or two Cryo-Jet’s. Word of mouth recommendations are important to these practitioners and they believe that the differentiation available from chilled air comfort for their patients adds to their referrals.

While chilled air has long been in use with laser treatments, until now the cost of this equipment has made it very difficult to justify a machine for each treatment room. The affordability of Cryo-Jet’s allows you to ensure that more patients have access to chilled air relief.

Not-for-Profit patient care plus best practice teaching environment

The biggest challenge within a Not-for-Profit is the cost of capital equipment, particularly when its use is relatively low. Operating across a number of locations, only one site had a Zimmer chiller. As awareness of the benefits of chilled air became more evident, practitioners expected patient discomfort to be better managed. Apprehensive or nervous patients were comforted by the Cryo-Jet when undergoing treatments.

It became clear that they needed to invest in machines at other locations. In order to evidence best practice, especially when teaching other practitioners, they needed more equipment and were able to stretch their budget by purchasing Cryo-Jet for half the price of comparable equipment.

Practice expansion puts pressure on capital expenditure

A practice offering a wide range of high-end laser treatments had significant growth, which put pressure on capital costs. As you will know, investment in one laser is usually a six-figure sum. With more than six lasers and the costs of running such a large multi-practitioner clinic, the principals sat down to work on the productivity required to get an acceptable return on investment.

Their solution is quite unique – setting up a recovery room where patients can spend time post treatment with chilled air provided. This room is naturally smaller than their usual treatment rooms, and the smaller footprint of the Cryo-Jet means the machine can be placed beside the patient. This gives them the added comfort of seeing the chilled air being delivered at a consistent rate.

Not only has this allowed them to increase their productivity but they have created a new level of patient care. Cryo-Jet is also available in each of their treatment rooms.


Cooling type: Sub-zero air cooling
Air flow: 10 levels (max 1000L/min)
Power requirement: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Modes: On/Stand-by/Defrost
Safety standard: CE/EN/IEC601-1 Class1
Treatment hose: 2.1 meter
Dimension: W320 x L585 x H870mm
Weight: Approx. 50kg


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