The CEBELIA range has been specifically designed to enhance medical aesthetic procedures and to integrate the best anti-ageing techniques into consumer cosmetic skincare products:

Pre-treatment skin preparation

  • Post-treatment:
    – Repairs the skin, enabling better and faster healing
    – Soothes redness and overheated skin after an intensive procedure
    – Maximises and prolongs the results of aesthetic medical treatment
  • Everyday skincare designed to meet the specific needs of ageing skin


CEBELIA Exclusive Patents  ·  maximising therapeutic efficacy

Skin Reparation (healing & anti-ageing)

Laminum 5 (LN5) extract has been patented by Cebelia Laboratoires d’Anjou, after the work performed by
Dr Rousselle, who demonstrated that the LN5 extract can replace its original, absent or deficient counterpart.

The LN-5 fragment can stimulate tissue regeneration thanks to its ability to reinforce the dermal-epidermal junction.


Pekaline, a new melanogenesis regulator has been patented by Cebelia, thanks to the work carried out by Drs Berlotti and Ortonne. This new melanogenesis regulator inhibits induced and existing pigmentation.

It acts on two levels:

  • It inhibits PKA, which stimulates the production of  tyrosinase; and
  • It acidifies the malanosomes’ pH, which distrupts their activity.

Illustration of the peptide fragment’s adherence properties at various percentages

Daily Care · Clean · Repair · Soothe · Rejuvenate · Treat · Cover

CEBELIA also offers daily skincare with technologically advanced active ingredients and pleasing textures.

  • L.C.E. Regard: Innovative 2-in-1 Eye Pencil combining a discrete covering formula with an intensive care treatment. It helps to correct cark circles, bags, fine lines and other imperfections.
  • Softening Soap: Enriched with shea butter and soft almond oil to soften the skin.
  • Cleansing Milk: Makeup removal with soft almond oil removes impurities without drying the skin.
  • Comfort Cream: Protecting and soothing shield for the skin, ideal as a moisturiser under make-up. Highly effective as an after-shave cream moisturiser for men.
  • Multi-active Cream: Hand and nail repair cream.
  • Intensive Anti-Ageing: Appropriate for use as part of an anti-ageing skin routine, as well as post-procedure treatment.

Post-Operative care · enhanced treatment · extended results

  • L.C.E. Balm: Accelerates epidermal restoration in pre and post aesthetic procedures (injections, mesotherapy, fillers, thread lift, etc.) or surgery (lifting, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, etc.).
  • Extreme Care: Refresh, soothe and deep moisturise after a medical aesthetic procedure (pre and post-laser, post IPL, post radiofrequency, post medium and deep peeling, etc.). Also extremely useful for recurring skin conditions such as flushes, couperosis, psoriasis, eczema, reactive and sensitive skin, erythema, etc.
  • Intensive Anti-Ageing: Recommended for use after LCE Balm following peeling or laser procedures.
  • Reinforced Depigmenting:  Can be used on its own or to supplement laser or chemical peeling treatment.
  • Soothing Body Milk: Ideal for easing itching during pregnancy or under support hose. An essential soothing treatment after depilation.


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