Cryomed’s rejuvenation, Pigment, Vascular and permanent hair reduction system allows you to treat many conditions with a single light device – the CBL2

The Essential 6 Cut-Off Filters 430nm, 515nm, 560nm, 585nm, 640nm & 700nm


  • 430 nm – Acne Control
  • 515 nm – Epidermal Pigmentation (Fitz 2,3), Lentigo
  • 560 nm – Vessels, Melasma, Telangiectasia, Rosacea
  • 585 nm – Large Vessels, Dermal Pigmentation
  • 640 nm – Photorejuvenation, Enlarged Pores, Hair Removal
  • 700 nm – Hair Removal

The CBL is equipped with slide-in cut-off filters that minimize and reduce treatment time associated with having to change hand pieces. Six different cut-off filters are now available to maximize treatment outcomes and keep your patients happy.

GENESIS Toning pulse for pain-free and superior performance

CBL’s Genesis pulse “GP” is a collagen stimulation the toning pulse treatment which are exclusive CBL features.

Optimal Cooling System -10 to +20 degrees

CBL’s Skin Cooling System maintains the cooling temperature of the contact point to provide the most comfortable

Fast Firing Rate 1Hz with Auto Repeat

Operation time is important for clinics because faster treatment times provide a better patient experience and enable physicians to achieve better productivity and a higher patient throughput. Compared to other IPL systems on the market, the CBL offers very rapid repetition rates enabling faster treatment times to optimise efficiency.

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  • Acne Control
  • Epidermal Pigmentation (Fitz 2,3), Lentigo
  • Vessels, Melasma, Telangiectasia, Rosacea
  • Large Vessels, Dermal Pigmentation
  • Photorejuvenation, Enlarged Pores
  • Hair Removal


What is the difference between IPL and Laser?

The biggest difference between laser and IPL, as far as treatment is concerned, are coverage and wavelength. The laser beam is very narrow, only covering a small spot at a time, while IPL coverage is several times the area. At the same time, the laser emits only a single wavelength of light, whereas an IPL uses a filter to cut off lower wavelengths. Each technology has their specific uses and advantages, which allows practitioners the ability to treat various indications.

Permanent Hair Reduction: How does it work?

The Cryo Broadlight targets the pigment Melanin present in our hair. Dark hairs on fair skin have the best and quickest results. As with any IPL treatment, fair hairs will always require extra treatments but with equally brilliant results when treated with the CBL.

How does it feel?

Thanks to the adjustable contact cooling in the Cryo Broadlight, treatments may have little or no sensation at all. For treatments requiring higher settings, clients may feel a slight flick of a rubber band against the skin, but nothing more. The CBL offers very comfortable treatments thanks to its various pulse modes.


Indications: Vascular, Pigment, Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Removal
Type of Filter: Single Pulse, Double Pulse, Triple Pulse, Toning Pulse “GP”
Fluence (Energy Density): 3~40 J/cm2
Pulse Delay: 5~150 ms
Pulse Duration: 3~50 ms
Dimensions: 390 x 610 x 1190
Weight: 50kg

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