Mini 7L Autoclave from Hanshin Medical.

Pre-vacuum Air Removal & Post-Vacuum Drying

Hanshin one of the worlds oldest sterilisation makers with 41 years experience manufacturing premium Autoclave systems.

The HS-1607LBL is a small lightweight B-Class steriliser for small general purpose including most hollow items. The HS-1607LBL is an ideal steriliser for reprocessing the medical devices effectively within a short time at the Dermatology, Plastic surgery and Cosmetic medical clinic.

Shortened Cycle Time

Hanshin’s new B-class small steam steriliser is shortened about 30% maintaining the advantages the B-class steriliser, therefore the operating efficiency of steriliser is improved satisfying the requirements of sterilisation and dryness performance regulated to the European Standards (EN 13060).

Unique exterior small steam generator 

The built-in exterior small steam generator which is newly-developed by our advanced technology can vaporise feed water supplied from the reservoir instantly and the generated steam is injected into the chamber as a sterilising media, therefore the chamber is less contaminated than the internal steam generating type and the usable loading space is widened because there is no heater assembly in the chamber.

Use of clean steam every cycle 

The used water after completion of a sterilising cycle is collected in the collection container designed separately with the reservoir, therefore the saturated steam generated by a clean water always can be supplied to perform every sterilising cycle.

Safe and durable un-welded chamber

By adopting an integral chamber un-welded, the durability is excellent and a trouble such as leaking of pressurised vapour and vacuum during progressing a cycle is not occurred accidentally.

Various chamber loading devices 

The optional loading devices allow user to load the various type of items to be sterilised in the chamber easily and conveniently and to secure the successful sterilisation.

Various cycle programs of the optimum condition 

6 kinds of basic cycle program for sterilising the medical instruments wrapped or unwrapped, the synthetic resins products, the rubber products, the textile products, the glass products, the liquids contained in the glass bottle and the prion which is the factor of CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) and 2 kinds of test program for checking the ability of air removal from the chamber are installed in the steriliser basically, therefore the operator could select a proper cycle program and perform sterilisation conveniently. Furthermore it allows users to change the parameters of cycle program as user’s please if needed.

Safe and convenient self-diagnosis function

If an error has occurred during operating the steriliser, it is detected and the error code is displayed on the LCD monitor accompanying an audible alarm, and the cycle in progress is aborted automatically for safety by the built-in self-diagnosis program

Convenient monitoring of a cycle processing and Printer recording

The operator is able to check a cycle progressing conveniently on the LCD monitor because the state of steriliser operation is displayed digitally in real time on it.  Printed records after each cycle allowing ease of compliance and record keeping.

Preventive safety system

This steriliser has the safety system for the safety of workplace designed that a cycle is not started unless the door has been locked, the door is not opened when the electric power is not supplied to the steriliser and there exists more pressure compare to the set level in the chamber by the pressure switch. The safety valve operates and releases pressure automatically when an overpressure more than the limited value has been formed in the chamber due to an abnormal operation of steriliser.

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  • Medical grade steriliser


Operating Temperature:  121.0℃ ~ 135.0℃
Chamber:  ID Ø160 x L377 mm,  Vol: 7l ,  Material: STS 316L Max. Working Pressure: 2.40bar Min. Working Pressure: -1.00bar Max. Working Temperature: 138.0℃ Test Pressure: 5.00bar
Tray:  W120 x D320 x H18 mm, 2 each
Collection Chamber  Vol: 1.5l / 1.5l (full water level)
Sterilant: Saturated Steam
Size:  W389 x D534 x H315 mm
Weight:  28 kg

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