The First and Only Robotic Hair Transplant System

The ARTAS™ System is a robotic revolution in speed, precision and accuracy for hair transplants.

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The ARTAS™ Robotic Hair Transplant System is the only interactive, computer assisted system that utilises image-guided robotics to assist physicians in hair transplantation. The ARTAS Procedure enables physicians to transplant hair without noticeable scarring. It’s made possible using advanced technology that selectively harvests up to 1,000 grafts per hour directly from the scalp.

The ARTAS™ System transforms the way physicians and patients experience hair restoration.

Why People Are Talking

The ARTAS Robotic System helps you to expand your practice by meeting patient demand. The ARTAS System enables physicians to harvest prime follicular units in a minimally invasive procedure. Using sophisticated imaging technology and precision robotics, the ARTAS System dissects follicular grafts accurately and consistently, thousands of times in a single session. A proprietary dissection system and intelligent algorithms help physicians retain the natural appearance of the patient’s donor area. Using advanced digital imaging and precision robotics, the ARTAS System supports physicians to have a great level of control and accuracy. The ARTAS System monitors and tracks each and every follicular unit 60 times a second, scanning the coordinates, angle, orientation, and direction. This enables the ARTAS System to harvest follicular units with micron-level precision.

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The ARTAS System patients benefits:

  • Minimally Invasive Procedure
  • Reduced Treatment Times
  • Fast Recovery
  • Less Discomfort
  • No Linear Scar
  • Nearly Undetectable Donor Area
  • More Consistent Results

The ARTAS™ System helps you help your patients.


High Resolution Digital Imaging

For Rapid Micron-level targeting accuracy.

Image Guided Robotic Alignment

High resolution cameras to provide input to dynamically manoeuvre the robotic arm at virtually any angle.

Minimally Invasive Dissection

The two-needle system helps to deliver health, intact grafts with minimally visible harvest sites.

Intelligent and Intuitive Controls

To assist the physician and allow them to be in control of the ARTAS System.


How does hair transplantation with the ARTAS System work?
The ARTAS System utilizes its robotic arm and sophisticated digital imaging to harvest follicular units. The ARTAS System digitally identifies each follicular unit, and then the small needle system is deployed to separate each follicular unit from the surrounding tissue. It continuously re-calculates hair position, angle, and other parameters to track each follicular unit to achieve optimal harvest results. The ARTAS™ System technology targets follicular units in a random fashion to ensure the donor areas retain their natural appearance. The individual follicular units are stored until they are implanted into the recipient area resulting in natural-looking hair re-growth. Because the ARTAS™ System enables a high level of precision and accuracy, doctors are able to extract healthy robust grafts for optimal growth.
What is follicular unit hair restoration?
Normal hair grows in groupings called follicular units. Typically, each follicular unit consists of one to four hairs follicles. Hair restoration or hair transplantation is a procedure during which the doctor removes individual follicular units from a donor site (located on the back and/or sides of the head) and transplants these units into the balding area of the head.
How does hair look after the ARTAS Procedure?
Surgical hair transplantation provides natural looking results with most patients experiencing minimal scarring in the donor area.
Will patients have visible scarring in the Donor area?
Because the ARTAS Procedure harvests individual follicular units rather than removing a large area of scalp requiring sutures, there is minimal scarring in the donor area.

Interface & Device with Chair

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