Vascular Lesions

What are Vascular Lesions?

Blood vessels in the dermis and the subcutaneous layers of the skin are invisible to the naked eye. However, these vessels can easily be distended brought about by normal physiological change, pathological causes, skin irritation, UV rays and the misuse of medication. When these vessels distend they become visible, causing undesirable changes in the appearance of our facial skin.

The myriad of changes in our facial blood vessels is categorically called vascular lesions. Some common examples of these lesions are telangiectasia, spider nevi, rosacea and angiomas. Facial flushing and background redness also fall under this category.

How to treat Vascular Lesions?

The main target in laser treatment of vascular lesions is the chromophore haemoglobin present in our blood. In laser terms, the IRIS utilizes the 532nm wavelength, which is highly absorbed by haemoglobin, and due to this is subject to high levels of thermal energy. This thermal energy effectively heats the entire vessel causing it to constrict and to eventually be destroyed.

The end point in treatment of vascular lesions is the disappearance of the visible vessels, or vessel clearance, including any associated background redness on the surface of the skin while minimising injury to adjacent structures. Depending on the patient’s skin type or predisposition, the treating professional will decide which technology is more appropriate to use.


What are the advantages of the IRIS?

Traditional technology in the removal of vascular lesions involve an Nd:YAG laser doubled in frequency by a KTP crystal. This technology, although effective, has been proven to involve high maintenance costs that are no longer present in the newer semiconductor diode amplification technology. This presents benefits both from the economic and the safety standpoint, in that costs for treatments can be kept low and less time and effort is required to keep the device running like new, posing less risk for unwanted side-effects.

What are the advantages of the IRIS?

The IRIS solid state OP Diode system quickly knocks out vessels thereby reducing thermal injury to the more superficial layers of the skin, targeting the vascular layer that is the source of visible vessels and facial redness. The cool sapphire is exactly the right temperature for vascular treatments delivers a treatment that is comfortable and effective.

Results achieved using the IRIS

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