Trusting Tech: Building a business where results sell themselves – As seen in SPA + CLINIC

When a business specialises and has a mandate to rely only on the referrals the treatment have to deliver. Julie Marsden and Rose Rutter talk about their success with Skinmedics.

S+C: Can you both tell us a little about SkinMedics and your roles within the business?

Julie: Skinmedics is a boutique clinic in Pyrmont, Sydney. It was originally established in 2004 by Janesse Taylor-Saar as a Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic. I purchased it and created Skinmedics Clinic in 2013, now I personally deliver specialised and tailored treatments with some amazing new devices that I have trialled and purchased, whilst also managing the business.

Rose: I have been working with Skinmedics since 2012 and have specifically trained in Cooltech, microdermabrasion, facial peels, laser hair removal and teeth whitening.

S+C: Can you comment on your journey into your current roles?

Julie: I completed a Diploma in beauty therapy in 1981 and was offered employment at the About Face Academy with Shirley Stricland, the then President of AABTH. I then ventured into teaching which led me to cosmeceuticals and I gained an interest in deep peels and medical treatments. This opened doors for me, and I performed peels for dermatologists for 15 years, during that time I bought my first VelaSmooth Body Contouring device and I fell in love with real results based technology, the VelaSmooth became just the beginning!

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Ultraformer III – The world’s No 1 lifting and tightening treatment just got better

The new MF2 cartridge offers a new level of versatility and precision to fine lines and wrinkle treatments with no limitations on treatment regions.

More than 10 million Ultraformer III treatments have been performed worldwide and now, with the addition of the Macro Focused 2.0mm (MF2) cartridge, the Ultraformer system delivers an even more comprehensive approach to skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation with one device.  The MF2 is specially developed to enable easier access to regions such as around the eyes, mouth, nasolabial folds….

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A new aesthetic focus for Hunter Plastic Surgery – AMP

We step inside the new luxuriously appointed female-focused Hunter Plastic Surgery and Renew Medispa.

In the ever-evolving world of aesthetics, there are many options that women face when considering where to go for cosmetic procedures. Hunter Plastic Surgery wants to make it easier for their patients by re-shaping its focus towards aesthetics and transforming women’s lives. They are passionate about helping women make the choices that are right for them, and making it a reality if they choose to invest in themselves. Hunter Plastic Surgery and Renew Medispa has recently….

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Lotus Gynolaser -Helping women feel more comfortable and confident

Vaginal Rejuvenation with the Lotus Gynolaser is a simple, predictable treatment that can successfully treat the symptoms of vaginal ageing and atrophy.

Women’s sexual health is emerging as one of the fastest-growing areas of wellness. Indeed, relaxation around half of all women will suffer symptoms of vaginal relaxation syndrome, vaginal ageing and urinary incontinence, which can include diminished sensation during intercourse, dryness, pain or discomfort, laxity and urinary incontinence and urgency. The topic of women’s sexual health and function is becoming more openly discussed and there is high demand for non-surgical…

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Ultraformer III – As seen in COS BEAUTY

The non-surgical facelift

Ultraformer III Is the latest non-surgical technology on our radar, offerIng face and neck tightening with no downtime.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it plays a big role in the way others perceive your attractiveness and healthiness, so why not keep it looking its best?

Just as you work to keep your body fit and trim, your skin needs a helping hand too, especially when the signs of ageing take their toll. To keep your skin looking young and healthy….

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